1) Do I need a referral from my family dentist to come to your office?
A: Many of our patients are referred by their dentist. However, a lot of our patients are referred by family and friends and contact us directly for an appointment.

2) What can I expect from King Street Orthodontics?
A: At King Street Orthodontics we are committed to creating beautiful smiles. Our goal is to provide the highest level of orthodontic treatment in a fun, friendly, and welcoming environment.

3) What is the best age to visit an Orthodontist?
A: The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic screening by the age of 7. This initial visit allows us to evaluate your orthodontic condition and needs.

4) How long will my braces be on for?
A: Treatment time varies with each patient’s individual case. The range is 12-30 months, with an average of 22 months.

5) Does your office offer payment plans?
A: Yes. Treatment fees are based on the patient’s orthodontic needs. We offer a variety of interest-free payment plans. If you have orthodontic coverage, we will submit all claims directly to your insurance company.